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Plan your prosperity!

with Peggy Frazier Doviak, Ph.D., CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™


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Peggy Frazier Doviak, Ph.D., has been a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner and portfolio manager since 2003. An adjunct professor since 2005, she has taught thousands of financial advisers in certification courses, including the CFP(r) and CRPC designations, along with graduate courses for  Masters' programs in financial planning.

Additionally, Peggy Doviak is a public speaker and author with experience in radio and television. She is active in financial literacy initiatives and works to promote the financial planning profession. Book Peggy for a talk or workshop if your group wants help in planning their prosperity!

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52 Things a Broker Might Not Tell You:

Planning Your Prosperity in a year

by Peggy Frazier Doviak, PhD, CFP(r)

52 Things a Broker Might Not Tell You: Planning Your Prosperity in a Year OUT NOW!


Do you worry about how to pay off debt? Are you afraid you haven’t saved enough money for retirement? Are your investments confusing? Do you wonder what type of insurance you should purchase? Are you in doubt about how to select a financial professional? Bottom line—Are you worried about your hard-earned money? If so, 52 Things a Broker Might Not Tell You: Planning Your Prosperity in a Year is written for you! 

This book introduces fifty-two important financial planning topics organized around key areas formalized by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc.: 

Cash Flow     Insurance     Investments

RETIREMENt     Taxes     Estate

Additionally, each of these topics includes ideas for you to apply to gain control of your financial future. 

Remember, 52 Things is a book designed to help you prosper, and prosperity comes from understanding your financial situation and taking steps toward reaching your goals. In order to prosper, you have to understand the language of the world of finance, and 52 Things is your guide!


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